december 6th

Thursday 6 December 2012 – Day 1

9:00 AM

• Contribution by Sylvia Pinel – Ministry of craft industries and trades, commerce and tourism (to be confirmed)

• Introduction on Creative Tourism by Greg Richards – Professor, University of Tilburg, The Netherlands

• Summary of the Barcelona Conference : Victor Cucurull – Creative Tourism Network / FUSIC

Conference moderator: Josette Sicsic (journalist, chief editor of Touriscopie).

I. Creativity : a social phenomenon more than a tourism phenomenon

This first morning will be devoted to the analysis of demand and potential markets.

• An increasingly creative society: a look at “Cultural Creatives” – an unclassified class. / Anne Drevon – Director of ADN agency

• How technology makes us creative / Eric Seulliet – President of la Fabrique du futur and Smartsy

• How Internet has made us creative … / Nathan Stern – CEO Common Good Factory

Debate on the creativity of the westerners with the three speakers

•  Cultural & Creative Tourim : French &  European people’s practices  / Claude Origet du Cluzeau – C.O.C Conseil


2:00 PM

II. Creation and tourism : reciprocal contributions

In this part, the aim is to suggest good practices, each of which will illustrate ways in which to approach tourists and, above all, the potential benefits

A/ Creators :

Artists : when artists meet their public, an educational complement more than a leisure activity / Gaston Tavel – Vacances Musicales Sans Frontière

Craftsmen passing on their know-how: with cookery and gardening at the top of the hit parade : the example of Italy and teaching culinary / Roberto Lavarini – Università IULM di Milano

Companies opening up to creative tourism: an economic complement / Mathilde Christnacht – Comité départemental du tourisme de la Seine-Saint-Denis

The population : when creative tourism is participative: the incredible saga of “makers” and “maker faires” / Ian Brunswick – Dublin Mini Maker Faire

Fab Labs : the french experience / Emmanuelle Roux and Laurent Ricard – La Forge des Possibles

B/ Territories, full-time stakeholders :

Territory’s creativity enhancing tourism : the example of Marseille-Provence 2013 / Isabelle Brémond – director of Bouches-du-Rhône Tourisme and a member of Marseille-Provence 2013 creative team

Cafes : watchdog and laboratory / Pierrick Bourgault –

The cafe is able to follow trends because it is at the heart of different forms of excitement. This is a place where new artists & professionals (singers, photographers, painters, writers, actors…) meet a different audience from the galleries and theaters, it’s a a place where the public can discover the new creation.

• The public space : a new stage for contemporary creativity / Jean-Michel Djian – journalist and writer

Based on the example of the Fête de la Musique, how the largest music workshop in the world was created in Paris and in all the cities of France and around the world.